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Who Yo People Is

Mar 16, 2020

gina talks about the grief work that she currently does as being rooted in her people's histories of keening and wailing/as a way to move grief...grief being sometimes distant, sometimes intimate,  and sometimes lineages old. gina says sound has helped her turn, dive into and surrender to the waves of grief - feeling it - as a way to release it. gina says, "I am deeply and profoundly interested in your freedom." With that in mind, she asks herself what is the sound that will set you free, what is the sound that will bring you back to yourself, your body and the absolute miracle of the cells in your blood/and what runs through that. gina says that all the work that she does is ritual. If you have ever experienced gina's Work, you know the truth of that.

Medicine woman gina Breedlove is a sound healing vocalist, composer, actor, & abolitionist from Brooklyn, NY. gina began her walk with spirit and music when she was 15 yrs old, singing behind the incomparable Phyllis Hyman, and then went on to tour with legendary artist and activist, Harry Belafonte. She created the role of "Sarabi", in The Lion King on B'way, and has appeared in 2 Spike Lee Joints; "Livin Da Dream", & "Chi-Raq", as an actor, and working on set as a Healer. gina tours the world with her music that she calls "folksoul", holding sound healing circles in every city she visits.  She shares, "sound is the medicine that you walk with, and can bring you to presence in an instant" In Goddess culture gina Breedlove is a vocal priestess, think Dianne Reeves & Minnie Riperton having a prayer circle, you will leave lifted. 

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