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Who Yo People Is

Mar 9, 2020

Ron shares some of his Journey growing up in Perry, Georgia being from story telling historians who primed him to be a critical thinker with things like post school pre-homework sermon sessions with his grandfather - centered on questions like "what does it mean to be a man and how can you grow into that all areas of your life?" Growing up singing as part of congregational choirs, Ron speaks about time traveling through song/Shape Shifting imposed assumptions.

Ron is co-shaper - with Rebecca Mwase - of Vessels - a seven-woman harmonic meditation on the transcendental possibilities of song during the Middle Passage…that asks, “What does freedom sound like in a space of confinement?” Junebug Productions is presenting Vessels, March 26-29.

Ron says, "I write, sing, compose, and make interdisciplinary performance work that integrates sound, text, and movement. My creative practice incorporates music of the African Diaspora, embodied ancestral memory, improvisational creative processes, liberation aesthetics, and the development and maintenance of spiritual technologies. My artistic work centers around the role of sound, and the un-amplified human voice in particular, in transforming our environment, our selves, and each other. I grew up in Perry, Georgia and received my earliest musical training at the Saint James Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. I live in New Orleans, make a mean red velvet cake, and can throw down on some biscuits."

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